What is Craftivism?

In the words of two prominent craftivists Betsy Greer and Sarah Corbett,
The quickest explanation of craftivism is “craft + activism = craftivism”.
Craftivism is “a way at looking at life where voicing opinions through creativity makes your voice stronger and your compassion deeper.”
“Craft is our method of campaigning but it is the political and social change that is the most important part. We enjoy craft and creating but we’re passionate about working towards a fairer society for all.”

What is Guerilla Craft?
In the words of graffiti knitter “Deadly Knitshade”
“The artist creates an item using knitting or crochet (or other craft). They take the item into a public place. They install the piece in that public place. They run away giggling. It’s really as simple as that.”


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