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Craftspace is an independent organisation working to increase access to and participation in contemporary crafts for all audiences. We are committed to the development, making and presentation of crafts in diverse cultural contexts.

We support projects which develop learning through designing and making activities over a long term period. We aim to devise projects in collaboration with partner organisations which have a lasting impact upon individual participants, whole organisations and their wider communities.

We regard ‘designing and making’ as a creative process that may include the development of a wide range of skills including discussion and negotiation, investigation, analysis, lateral thinking, speculation, and problem solving, as well as the manipulation of tools and materials. Traditionally crafts practice has been strongly associated with the development of technical skill, but we seek to develop projects in which the development of creative, social and personal skills is also given high status.

Birmingham Youthspace is a coordinated clinical, research and public health programme focused on youth mental health and is an initiative of the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust. The programme aims to support a preventative approach to youth mental health difficulties and targets the 14-25 year age group. We offer advice and information from clinicians, professional staff and young experts on all aspects of mental health & emotional wellbeing.

We believe that all young people should be aware of mental health issues and have the skills with which to look after their own emotional well-being. Increasing the knowledge and coping skills of young people, as early as possible, can help prevent the likelihood of problems developing by giving them the right tools to cope. Our continued work with communities, young people experiencing distress, parents, carers, mental health professionals and schools will help ensure that this is at the forefront of all we do.


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