Funded by Birmingham City Council’s Next Generation Cultural Commissioning Service, Craft in Mind brings together a focused group of young people aged 15 to 19 with a number of volunteers, all under the age of 26 to work together to develop their understanding of mental health issues through guerrilla craft and craftivist activities. The group is made up of young people who have and have not experienced poor mental health. Over the course of 14 half day sessions, between April and July 2013 the group will be carefully facilitated by a creative team of professional artists to explore some of the complex issues and misconceptions which surround mental health through an active, creative approach which will include visits to exhibitions and events, making sessions and guerrilla craft missions. Through this experience the young people and creative team will develop a “creative toolkit” workshop package for use in schools to help 14 to16 year olds to discuss mental wellbeing and to recognise early symptoms of poor mental health. The group may also produce a ‘pop up event’ which will take place during Mental Health Awareness Week in May 2013 to promote their toolkit. In line with the City Council’s Creative Futures framework, the nature of the event will be determined by the young people themselves under the guidance of the project’s creative team. This process will enable the young people to progress from participants to creators through to young leaders, building their skills and confidence through creative activity.


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