Message in a Bottle

Well today we’re carrying on with our artistic experiments. Everyone is getting a go to improve their illustration skills with Nicholas. We’ll be creating more decal transfers for the ceramic art and getting our fingers dirty in some wet clay too.

Aside from that today we thought it would be nice for the participants to have a go at some Craftivism!

Much along the lines of ‘PostSecret‘, a few participants anonymously added a message about their thoughts on mental health/positive thinking/their own lives and positioned it somewhere around the custard factory area of Digbeth.

It’s a liberating feeling being able to speak to someone about your feelings. Maybe we’ll get some interesting responses…

If you find a message in a bottle or any other Craft In Mind craftivism art around Digbeth, let us know with a picture and a message to our twitter or facebook. Can’t wait!

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Curator, producer, singer in the kitchen. Born pre 1985, Leicestershire. Loves Jacques Cousteau, Jon Hamm, seeing the light hit particles of dust in the air, and pizza. Hates chores, luncheon meat, used blu-tac and things which don’t line up straight. I have curated fine art, photographic, mixed media, performance and graphic art exhibitions since 2006; I have produced international based documentary films in Berlin, Prague, New York, Reykjavik and Tokyo. I am also an experienced contemporary art curator, having produced a number of photographic exhibitions and Artist Retrospectives across the UK. Recently I have undertaken a course in Art Therapy and this has opened up another avenue of art practise for me. Art as a tool to heal. Magic. And it's all going rather well. Keep it rectangular. Nicola x

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